My 30 (or more!) days challenges

Breakfast – Day 47


I am continuing to exploit the endless possibilities of Nutella breakfasts and making them with my Venchi chocolate-hazelnut spread instead!

Today I am making wholewheat French toast roll-ups. First I take four slices of wholewheat toast bread, cut the crusts off and flatten out the slices with a rolling pin. Then I spread some Venchi on one side of each slice, top with chopped strawberries, roll the toasts up, dip them in a beaten egg mixed with come cinnamon and finally fry them on a pan until golden brown. Et voilà, the French toasts are ready to be served with a cup of cappuccino!


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Breakfast – Day 46


Mug cake is another thing I wanted to try for a long time. And, given that I still have my jar of the Venchi chocolate-hazelnut spread (remember, that’s a better version of Nutella!) and that everyone loves Nutella, I started googling recipes for Nutella mug cakes. Here I found the one that I liked – but I’m making a couple of modifications to it.

So, in a big mug I mix an egg, 4 tablespoons of flour (I use coconut flour), half teaspoon baking powder (I’m adding it because my coconut flour is not self-raising), 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, 3 tablespoons milk, 3 tablespoons olive oil and 3 tablespoons Venchi spread. The recipe calls for 4 tablespoons sugar, but since I don’t have a very sweet tooth, I don’t add any – the sugar in the Venchi spread should be enough for me. What I do add, though, is some halved roasted hazelnuts. Then I microwave the mug at full power for 2 minutes (checking every 30 seconds, the cake is ready just when it’s no longer sticky) – the recipe says it could take anything from 1.5 to 3 minutes.

And finally I top my cake with fromage frais (because I don’t have any cream and also because it’s a bit healthier!) and some chocolate syrup and make myself a cup of espresso.


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Breakfast – Day 44


Today, I am having a ridiculously simple but still very nice treat for breakfast: slices of sourdough baguette with every possible nut butter and spread I have at home (namely peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, hazelnut butter and Venchi chocolate-hazelnut spread) and a cup of cinnamon cappuccino.


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Breakfast – Day 42


More overnight oats today! I found this recipe called Nutella Overnight Oats and was really excited to try. Only I made some  modifications to it, the first of which was that I used another hazelnut-chocolate spread instead of Nutella. I got this one from my trip to Italy, from the Venchi chocolate shop – and it is way better than Nutella: it has more hazelnuts, less sugar and olive oil instead of palm oil, even though it is not significantly lower in calories (they had a ligher version, but it had sweetener instead of sugar, and for some reason I am very cautious about sweeteners)!

So the night before I mixed half cup oats, half cup milk, a tablespoon of oatbran, a tablespoon of chia seeds, a tablespoon of hazelnut butter and two tablespoons of the Venchi spread. This morning I added some roasted hazelnuts and also some chopped strawberries, as I prefer having my oats with fruits or berries. It turns out amazing: the taste is so rich, creamy and nutty, more like an indulging dessert than a breakfast. Continuing to experiment with my lovely coffee machine, I am having an Americano coffee with the oats.


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Breakfast – Day 39


I know I have posted scones with cream and jam already on Day 32. But today I’ve made a small modification to this breakfast.

Obviously, neither scones nor cream are very healthy to start with. But adding highly-processed sugar-packed jam from the supermarket makes the whole thing even less so. So I thought, why not make the jam myself, given that there are plenty of sweet fragrant fresh strawberries everywhere this time of the year! The jam is very easy to make, I just mix a cup of strawberries with one teaspoon honey in a microwaveable bowl and microwave the mixture for about 20 minutes, taking it out every 1.5-2 minutes to stir. It turns out delicious and not very sweet, just as I like!


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Breakfast – Day 37


When I moved in to my current flat, I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t have a balcony, but it wasn’t an issue, as, I thought, the London weather wouldn’t allow me to use the balcony too much anyway!

Today the weather is absolutely splendid, and I realised that I could actually create a mock balcony if I open my three bay windows. And I’m indulging in an unbelievably huge breakfast: croissant, pain au chocolat, muesli with blueberries, assorted fruits, hard-boiled egg, yoghurt, jam, Nutella, orange juice, coffee – I definitely feel as if I’m at a luxury resort! Life is good 🙂 IMG_8801

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Breakfast – Day 32


I still have to consume my pot of clotted cream, and the most traditional English way of doing so is having cream tea, or basically tea and scones with cream and berry jam. All normal people do it in the afternoon, but I am going to have my scones for breakfast.

I am not going to lie saying that I’m baking the scones myself – I am not, just got some all butter sultana scones at the supermarket.

Apparently, in Cornwall the jam is spread on the scone first, with a dollop of clotted cream on top of it. In Devon it is done the other way round. I am trying both ways, and I can’t tell which one I like better, both are great! And of course, I am taking my tea with milk!


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Breakfast – Day 17



I’m in Brussels this weekend, so I’m having a breakfast out. The place, Tout Bon, is very similar to Le Pain Quotidien, and I’ve already posted the breakfast I had there, but never mind. Here I have a croissant and some bread with various spreads.


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Breakfast – Day 7


I love eating out, but for me this concept has always included lunch and dinner only. Somehow I could never understand why anyone would want to go out for breakfast – I guess, this is because I have always hated breakfasts and treated them merely as means to fill the tummy and not feel hungry and sick, rather than properly enjoying them.

One thing that I’m now learning through this challenge is that breakfasts can be truly enjoyable and indulgent. So on this rainy Saturday morning I’m having a delicious breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, the Belgian bakery-café. What I have here is a pain au chocolat, a variety of breads with organic jams and dark chocolate spread, orange juice and Belgian-style hot chocolate. Lovely!




Breakfast – Day 3


The last thing you want to do on a crazy hectic morning is to be late to work. That’s why I have the quickest and the easiest breakfast possible: toasts with butter and Berries & Cherries jam, some strawberries and a cup of black coffee.


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