My 30 (or more!) days challenges

Day 1 – Nude


Looks like I am kicking off the challenge with the easiest version of makeup ever. This is definitely good, given that I am not that much of a makeup pro, which is why I have decided to take this challenge in the first place – to learn! Since I use very little to none makeup in my everyday life and try to keep it as natural as possible, this one is pretty much going to resemble to what I usually go for – except being just a little bit heavier (but still really light).


I’m not a massive fan of loading my face with foundation, so here I am opting for a CC cream, which feels way better, has a nicer and lighter texture than foundation and even a BB cream. This one is from Seventeen and is not too bad.


Then I’m applying my favourite Estée Lauder Lucidity translucent loose powder (colour 06 – Transparent) using a large powder brush from my Eggsnow set.


Usually I use pink-coloured blushes, but for the nude look decided to try a more peachy one – Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush (010 Santa Rose) and, of course, used the blush brush (the one that’s usually tapered).

IMG_2669  IMG_2673

Nothing too heavy on the eyes either – I am using the Dior Holiday Couture Collection palette and applying it very sparingly. First, some base colour on the entire eyelid (this is where I got lost with the brushes – having no clue which one to use, just had to pick one that looked more or less fit for the purpose).

IMG_2678  IMG_2680

Then, I’m applying some darker colour on the outer corner, using the sponge brush to blend it so that it doesn’t contrast too much with the inner part.


Last but not least, I make a rather pale thick black line with the thinnest flat eye-shadow brush. Mascara is not really needed for the nude look, I guess, since my lashes are naturally long and voluminous enough.


And the final touch is applying some lip colour. My natural lip colour is rather intense, so the pinky-beige products, usually referred to as ‘nude’ look pretty unnatural on me. So instead I am using this No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm in Berry Rose colour for a properly natural look.


And done!

IMG_2695  IMG_2696

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