My 30 (or more!) days challenges

30+ Breakfast Ideas

on 21.02.2015


I’m deliberately not calling it a ’30 day challenge’, as I’m not fully sure I can make different breakfasts 30 days in a row – after all, mornings tend to be tough, plus there is some stuff you can’t eat in one go, so you have to finish it the next day before it goes bad!

2015-02-21_1424530225 IMG_20150222_113112 IMG_20150223_081857 IMG_20150224_082453 IMG_20150225_083836 IMG_20150226_083238 IMG_20150228_113322 IMG_20150302_081653 IMG_20150303_113553 IMG_20150304_082005 IMG_20150305_082221 IMG_20150307_143004 IMG_20150308_094134 IMG_20150309_094206 IMG_20150311_070251 IMG_20150313_085328 IMG_20150314_173314 IMG_20150315_162719 IMG_20150317_104752 IMG_20150319_070135 IMG_20150321_160424 IMG_20150401_085603 IMG_20150403_103841 IMG_20150404_140640 IMG_20150408_084540 IMG_20150409_071537 IMG_20150411_140329 IMG_20150412_102641 IMG_20150414_083409 IMG_20150416_071117 IMG_20150417_071934 IMG_20150418_090329 Green Tea Chia Pudding IMG_20150513_072140 IMG_20150514_084257 IMG_20150515_074419 IMG_20150516_160137 IMG_20150613_085843 IMG_20150620_085554 IMG_20150621_095740 IMG_20150705_102336 IMG_20150706_070605 IMG_20150708_071229 IMG_20150709_093303 IMG_20150711_133336 IMG_20150712_094441 IMG_20150713_071322 IMG_20150716_071851 IMG_20150718_094027 IMG_20150722_073221 IMG_20150807_074540 IMG_20150816_114645 IMG_20150820_074436 IMG_20150904_074904 IMG_20150905_134219 11925734_745441215583722_528945402_n


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